I'm a designer.
I'm obsessed with user experience.
I blend intuitive experience with beautiful aesthetic.

Feedback Foodies

My Role: Front End Engineer (primary), Designer
Technologies Used: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, WordPress

Feedback Foodies is a project I completed at UCSD which introduced me to the Cognitive Aspects of digital design. The project introduced me to developing a site for a customer, including how to properly interface with a client and how to acquire information necessary to build a website from person(s) unfamiliar with what websites need. I functioned as the primary Programmer, however because the development team was so small I contributed to design and interacted with the customer as well. As a group we came to the conclusion to use WordPress for the site partially because we knew we were developing a non-static site for people who were not web developers, and partially because the focus of the class was not on web programming but on the cognitive aspects of web design such as form, function and aesthetics, in congress with client communication.

Note: Some effects are not pictured including drop-down menus and mouse-over highlighting, among others.

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